Welcome to the StolenPhoto FREE Archive. Here you can view the most resent photos submitted by dirty little users like yourselves. The Archive contains all of the submitted photos plus all the photos from the shoebox that got us started.
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Occasionally people for some unknown reason submit pics ripped from other sites or from usenet. So if you see a photo that is a fraud, please click on the link at the botton of the page and report it. We only want to carry the newest and best stolen smut available.

Want a cool book? Here's a few.

Carlo Mollino: Polaroids by Fulvio Ferrari, Napoleone Ferrari
Mollino designed the Le Mans race cars, but in his spare time he took Polaroids of girlfriends hookers ect. 250 of those Polaroids are contained in this book.

Naked Pictures Of My Ex-Girlfriends by Mark Helfrich
The title says it all. I love this book. If you're in to Stolen Photo then you will too.

Naked Women: The Female Nude in Photography from 1850 to the Present Day by Philip Braham, Phil Braham, Martha Casanave
This is a pretty cool book with vintage erotica in it.

Women Before 10 a.m. by Veronique Vial (Photographer), Sean Penn
There are some cool celebrity shots in this book.

Peepshow: 1950s Pin-Ups in 3-D by Charles Melcher, Bunny Yeager (Introduction)
This is a super cool book that folds in to a 3-D viewer so you can look at classic pin up's in 3-D.

Strip Flips: A New Series Of Erotic Flipbooks (Anna) by Leslie Lyons (Photographer)
This is a commercially made version of those animation flip books you use to make as a kid. Except these are real nude chicks. I have one on an end table and people are always picking it up and playing with it. It's a great conversation piece.

Inside the Playboy Mansion: If You Don't Swing, Don't Ring by Gretchen Edgren, Hugh M. Hefner (Introduction)
A look behind the gates of the Playboy Mansion. Tons of info about Hef's Mansion and the parties.

Threesome: How to Fulfill Your Favorite Fantasy by Lori Gammon, Bill Strong
Lot's of good information about how to arrange a threesome. Everything from how to convince your lover to how to find a third.

The Naked Truth about Hedonism II by Chris Santilli
You've probably heard about Hedo before. It's a paradise where many of your fantasies can come true and you'll probably be able to shoot pics of it too. Make sure to send them in! This book has all you ever wanted to know about Hedo.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino, Fish (Illustrator)
Need to convince your woman to have some bunghole loving? This book is chalk full of the do's and don'ts. She'll be more likely to try if she knows no damage will be done and no poop will fall out.

The Bare Facts Video Guide by Craig Hosoda
This book is full of where to find celebrity nude scenes in movies. Got a favorite actress? Look her up and the book will tell you If and Where she's been nude. Then just go rent it. It's a great book. Now you know where all those celebrity website get their info.